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«WGI COMEFOOD Magazine» is an Official Multilingual Publication of World Gastronomy Institute

All rights reserved. The Intellectual Property of the Texts and Images belongs to their Authors and their reproduction without Express Authorization is prohibited

  WGI COMEFOOD Magazine is a WGI article publishing platform. In online magazine format, you can find texts from the experts who regularly collaborate with the World Gastronomy Institute. The articles are published in the original language of the Author, recommending the use of Google Traslator for reading in foreign languages.
  WGI COMEFOOD contains short articles and also extensive texts on topics such as:

  WGI COMEFOOD Magazine es una plataforma de publicación de artículos del WGI. Con formato de magazine online se pueden encontrar textos de los expertos que colaboran habitualmente con el World Gastronomy Institute. Los artículos se publican en el idioma original del Autor, recomendándose el uso de Google Translate para la lectura en idiomas ajenos.
   WGI COMEFOOD contiene artículos cortos y también extensos textos sobre temáticas tales como:

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Gastronomy is one of the maximum cultural and ethnographic expressions of the peoples and its dissemination through Museums and museological spaces is a
work valued by the public.


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