«WGI Global Report 2020 – A Gastronomic Planet»

The «WGI Global Report 2020 - A Gastronomic Planet» is a documentary work written by agro-food experts from all corners of the globe, composing a global vision of the sector in the world. The book offers essential keys about food and its relationship with people. The content reflects different cultural and technical aspects from disciplines as diverse and complementary as Anthropology, Tourism, Technology, Heritage, Marketing, Education, Institutional, Hospitality or Culinary Arts.
The Report 2020, subtitled as «A Gastronomic Planet» is the first volume of a trilogy that compiles articles on different gastronomic topics written before the appearance of COVID 19. The WGI is already working on the second book that will deal with the influence of the coronavirus in the sector from an international perspective. The third volume will begin to be prepared when - we all hope that as soon as possible - the pandemic has passed, in order to explain to readers of now and of the future how it has been before, during and after one of the greatest catastrophes of our time .
Global Report 2020
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Presentation of the book «Peruvian Gastronomy. Cultural Heritage of Humanity»  

The UNESCO Chair of Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism USPM has published a complete book on the gastronomic culture of Peru, with the aim of contributing to the conservation and enhancement of the rich cultural heritage of this nation.
The book is edited by Sara Beatriz Guardia and among the renowned experts who participate is José Manuel Iglesias, Secretary-General of the World Gastronomy Institute, with the essay "Asian Cuisine in Peru."
The book has been nominated by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2021, as the Best Book in the World in the UNESCO B5 category.

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Gastronomía peruana. Patrimonio Cultural de la Humanidad  
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