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Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden’s alcohol history has transformed from centuries of heavy binge-drinking to increasingly international habits, and today, Sweden is even a wine-producing country to count with. The museum of liquor in Stockholm is the place to learn all about these things.

Spritmuseum (the museum of liquor) is a special museum in Stockholm, focused on Swedish alcohol culture. The overall mission of the museum is to “inspire, spread and increase knowledge about Swedish beverages and drinking culture through creative, varied exhibitions, tastings, meals and experiences that tickle all senses”. Amongst other things, museum visitors can find information about the production and flavour of various alcoholic beverages.

The precursor of Spritmuseum was Vin & Sprithistoriska Museet, a technical and cultural-historical museum dedicated to the history of wine, vodka and punch, run by the governmental monopoly AB Vin- & Spritcentralen. In its contemporary shape, Spritmuseum exists since 2012. The current facilities are located on the beautiful island Djurgården in central Stockholm. It hosts three exhibition rooms, one of which includes the permanent interactive exhibition “the drinking country Sweden” where visitors use their senses to explore various stations. The second room hosts amongst other things an exhibition focusing on the myth of “the Swedish sin” through images of alcohol, emancipation, lust and sex in Swedish culture. The third area is the art hall of the museum, dedicated to the “Absolut Art Collection” consisting of more than 850 artworks by international and local artists from 1985-2004. Through various forms of artistic expressions aimed at marketing - such as photography, furniture and fashion – the globally famous brand is depicted.

Today, the museum comprises around 13 000 items, and half of these are bottles. Most items originate from the late 19th century and onwards and have been used in different ways in the production of alcoholic beverages. At the museum you can find a big collection of wine- and liquor labels, photos, old drinking songs and technical literature related to spirits. Above this, Spritmuseum also hosts a top-ranked restaurant and bar. So, if you wish to learn all about Swedish alcohol history, while enjoying food, drinks and art in an enchanting environment, Spritmuseum is a must when in Stockholm.

SCHEDULES: The museum is open Monday-Saturday 10-17, Sunday 12-17. The restaurant is open every day from 12.

Djurgårdsstrand 9 / SE-115 21 Stockholm

Copyright images: Mikael Sjösten, images 3 - 4 Johan Eldrot, Spritmuseum - Absolut Art Collection.



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